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International Movie Club
The place where we watch a movie in English in a cosy loft space of Apartment 6 and then discuss it with an American movie expert
📌 every Tuesday 19:00-21:30
📌 ProEnglish Theatre Hub (Kyiv, 3 Simyi Brodskykh)
admission 150 UAH 
Apr 18 (Tue) 19:00 we’re watching and discussing



This groundbreaking 1972 film by that Giant of 20th Century cinema, Bernardo Bertolucci, who won a Best Director Oscar nomination for Last Tango in Paris, has been derided as nothing more than pornography and praised as a landmark that legitimized eroticism in modern film. 

One can argue, despite the sex, and there is a lot of it, the film is not about sex but rather suffering, and how we seek sex like a drug to feel good when we are in pain. 

Marlon Brandon’s performance as Paul, a widower tortured by guilt and self doubt in the wake of his wife’s suicide, won him Best Actor Nominations, both Oscar and BAFTA. 

It’s important to recognize the hat Maria Schneider as Jeanne, the young ingenue and object of Paul’s violent sexual lust  has said she was ambushed by the rape scene and not informed until minutes before shooting began. She has stated it angered and humiliated her and that she in fact felt raped by Brando and Bertolucci. 

The abuse of the actor, the inherent misogyny, and predatory practices of Hollywood are as much a part of Bertolucci’s legacy as his remarkable films and should not be ignored.

  Program for APRIL 2023:

Last Tango in Paris
Apr 18 (TUE) 19:00
Beach Blanket Bingo
Apr 25 (TUE) 19:00

DAN Vynohradov

Dan graduated from Kyiv University of Culture, he is a theatre and film actor. While studying at the university, Dan acted in TV series and commercials. Since January 2022, acts at ProEnglish Theatre. Dan is a brave and ambitious actor, never afraid of tough roles. Played a gay soldier in “Love at times” and several various characters in “War. Texts. Ukraine.” project – stage readings of modern Ukrainian plays in English. His biggest part so far is HE, main character from “Naïve Experiments” directed by Alex Borovenskiy. Charismatic and vulnerable HE wins the hearts of the audience with the first appearance on stage.