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To Act is to Breath. To Act in English is to breath fire.


6 senses

graduation performance

ProEnglish Theatre Hub
02.06. 19:00

Naïve Experiments


Les Kurbas Centre
11.06. 17:00

English Songs as a Comedy: Sunflower

Comedy Night

ProEnglish Theatre Hub
24.06. 17:00

Love at times


Moralist Bar
25.06. 17:00

The book of sirens


28.06. 12:00

The book of sirens


01.07. 12:00

New Courses

     In ProEnglish Drama School we believe in principles of 

  • curiosity-based learning
  • experience and practice
  • multicultural exchange
  • social value of art
  • people-oriented lessons

Film Acting COURSE


Hero's Journey




Teens Scenes ACTING Course


individual lessons


Alex Borovenskiy is the founder of ProEnglish Theatre and ProEnglish Drama School, of PRO.ACT Fest and WEST. He is also the founder of numerous jokes and great plays!

Actor and director with 10+ years of experience with independent theatres (Маскамрад, Splash Theatre, 3S, Kyiv Players, ProEnglish Theatre, TUG). As an experienced TEFL teacher and acting coach Alex always says “English is my profession, Theatre is my passion”. He has taught English for more than 15 years working with corporate companies, groups of different levels and individual students.

Alex taught a lot of groups at ProEnglish Drama School: Group 0, Group1, Group 2, Group 3, Group 4, Group 15, Group 37, Group 48, Group 105 and 109, a lot! He also conducts acting and language workshops at different companies and individually. 

As a director Alex Borovenskiy staged over 100 monologues and dialogues, 4 performances of ProEnglish Drama School and 10 performances of ProEnglish Theatre.

We don’t know if Alex was hyperactive kid, but for sure he is the most hyperactive adult we know!

Olena stavrova

Olena is the most important person in ProEnglish Theatre Hub. Our administrator, the person who knows everything and everyone. Olena worked in the radio for many years before she came to ProEnglish and stayed transforming our office mood to home-like. Olena loves all our students, but especially teens, sorry not sorry. 

Anabell Ramires

CEO of ProEnglish Drama School

Anabell is with our Theatre and Drama School from the beginning. So she is one of our most experienced coaches, actresses, directors and secrets keepers.  

Anabell staged multiple performances at ProEnglish Theatre and Drama School and worked with more than 500 students. Actually, for 12 years Anabell also has been Spanish language teacher. Now, she is co-owner of a publishing house Compás that aims to translate important texts from Latin America into Ukrainian. 

Sounds serious, but actually you would never tell when you see her laughing at some strange joke. 

Alina Zievakova

Alina Zievakova, an actress at ProEnglish Theatre and an acting coach at ProEnglish Drama School.

Alina is a creator of Relief Acting Workshops and drama therapy course Hero’s Journey. 

Graduated from Karpenko-Kary Kyiv National University, worked as an actress at Lesya Ukrainian National Academic Theatre, participated in European theatre and film festivals, lead actress in Oleg Sentsov movie Rhino. 

No joke, right? We are also proud to work with her!

sandra komirenko

Alexandra Komirenko
Vocalist & actress, acting and public speaking coach,
Teens acting coach at ProEnglish Drama School.

Sandra is also an author of online courses “Voice is your superpower” and “Self-realisation through voice”

In PDS, Sandra has worked with 3 teens groups, making all the kids adore her, we heard them speaking! 

By the way, Sandra has 10 years experience as English and German language coach, participated and won numerous voice competitions, graduated 4 acting schools and received online education in NYFA. So she certainly knows how to open all doors to happiness and best version of yourself with voice and acting techniques.

jasmine sotelo

Jo-jo or Jasmine Sotelo Ramires, actress and choreographer of ProEnglish Theatre and Movement coach at ProEnglish Drama School. 

Jasmine is Italian language teacher, but mostly Jasmine worked with kids and teens as a dance teacher. 

Jasmine conducts Movement workshops for adults at PDS and also works with teens. She likes to describe her job as «a dance of soul choreographer» and herself as «just a girl who dances». There is nothing more magical than to watch Jo-jo dance. Oh, no, there is: to move and dance with her!

Tania Shelepko

Director at ProEnglish Theatre, acting coach of ProEnglish Drama School

Tania Shelepko was an actress in Vavylon theatre for 5 years. Then she founded Sirius theatre studio, staged several performances that took part in international festivals. After she has also worked for Green Forest language school.
At this stage of her life Tania is a theatre director at ProEnglish Theatre and someone important at Cambridge University Press. Sometimes, Tania also comes back to teaching acting in PDS. And she does all of that with so much heart and talent, impossible not to admire!

vitalii gavura

director of ProEnglish Theatre

playwright, scriptwriter, film and theatre director 

Graduated from Karpenko-Kary Kyiv National University, took part in numerous residencies and workshops for scriptwriters and film directors. Vitalii has three of his plays staged in Kyiv theatres, including ProEnglish Theatre. He is a text author and a director of Our ResponsAbility play.

Also Vitalii has his Chachó movie on the streaming platform Takflix, check it out.

Vitalii is soo fun to work with and his works are so talented! We are lucky to have him in our team.

liza onyshchuk

Liza is an smm manager of all the ProEnglish channels and if you know, you know, there are a lot! Liza is responsible and… the sweetest girl in the whole world. Liza is studying international economic relations, loves digital marketing and socially useful projects. And the secret trick with Liza: bring her cheesy pizza and she’ll post something good about you, no promises, but you can try. 

Вiкторiя Муштей

Акторка, член журі на PRO.ACT Fest. Професійна акторка з великим досвідом роботи в різних театральних проектах та ролях в українському кінематографі, Вікторія приносить своє розуміння акторської природи в процес оцінювання вистав Фестивалю

Алекс Боровенський

Алекс Боровенський, театральний режисер, засновник ProEnglish Theatre та PRO.ACT Fest. Президент перших 3 Фестивалів. Acting coach чий авторський тренінг “HUGS” став легендою PRO.ACT Fest III. Його особистий проект на Фестивалі “Theatre24”. Наш Алекс


Викладач та актор. Як носій мови з акторським досвідом, Боб приносить своє розуміння англійської мови та та бездоганне британське почуття гумору в процес роботи журі


Актор, член журі на PRO.ACT Fest. Довга історія Володимира як актора в різних театральних та кіно-проектах в кінці кінців привела його в якості експерта журі на наш Фестиваль. Його авторська система оцінювання вистав почала використовуватися для оцінювання усіх вистав Фестивалю


Театральний блоггер, Голова журі. Засновник проекта “Театральна Риболовля”, портала, який аналізує та архівує історію сучасного українського театру


Акторо та фотограф, офіційний фотограф PRO.ACT Fest. Засновник однойменного порталу PRO.ACT – photos for actors. Кращі фото та відео – це до Василя


Координатор Волонтерів. Ніка приєдналася до нашої команди лише на PRO.ACT Fest IV та одразу стала його невід’ємною частиною. Її енергія та гарний настрій створюють найкращу Volunteer Team, яка тільки може бути на Фестивалі


Театральна режисерка та акторка в ProEnglish Theatre. Програмний Координатор Фестивалю. Анабель стоїть за кожним важливим стратегічним, а часто – багатьма маленькими практичними кроками Фестивалю. Її особистий проект на PRO.ACT Fest – Тренінгова Програма Фестивалю

Natalia Ponomarova

Actress, President of PRO.ACT Fest IV and V. Natalia basically grew up from the visitor of the Festival to being a volunteer here, then an actress and eventually – the President of the Festival. As the personal project Natalia supervises “English Songs as Poetry” and other poetry projects of the Festival

DAN Vynohradov

Dan graduated from Kyiv University of Culture, he is a theatre and film actor. While studying at the university, Dan acted in TV series and commercials. Since January 2022, acts at ProEnglish Theatre. Dan is a brave and ambitious actor, never afraid of tough roles. Played a gay soldier in “Love at times” and several various characters in “War. Texts. Ukraine.” project – stage readings of modern Ukrainian plays in English. His biggest part so far is HE, main character from “Naïve Experiments” directed by Alex Borovenskiy. Charismatic and vulnerable HE wins the hearts of the audience with the first appearance on stage.