ProEnglish Theatre

About us


English-speaking theatre in Kyiv, Ukraine

Sees its mission in making up-to-date and quality theatre events for multi-cultural Ukrainian society; developing a friendly, creative and quality English-speaking space for theatre and film actors in Ukraine; in promoting Ukrainian actors and culture initiatives abroad and bringing colleagues from abroad to Ukraine in order to enhance international exchange and communication in the field of performing and allied arts. In Ferbruary 2022, due to the war, transformed its premises into a bomb shelter for artists and locals.

ProEnglish Drama School

is an institution created to serve people in their need in a high-quality acting education. Our main areas of work are:

  • acting classes for Actors and Non-Actors in English (adults and teens)
  • classes of Drama Therapy and Relief Acting Workshops in English and Ukrainian 
  • methodology work on Theatre&Education 

Our main goal is to create possibilities for people in Ukraine and all over the world to Meet and Act together, to build communities of Compassion and Art. 

Why English?

We have chosen English as our main language of communication due to its international status.

Both ProEnglish Theatre and Drama School are one of the most immersive English-speaking environments in Kyiv which helps to practice the language and start the journey of international collaborations and friendships. This also allows us to be part of an international theatre community and also provide our services as acting coaches and drama therapy coaches to basically anyone in the world.

To Act is to Breathe. To Act in English is to breath fire!

our history

How did we start?

ProEnglish Drama School birth date is 20.09.2014. It started as regular meetings of English-speaking theatre studio under guidance of Alex Borovenskiy. First 2 year we had 20 students. Starting from 2016 more team members joined: we invited an administrator to work with us and 2 more acting coaches. Each year the team, number of groups and students were growing. In 2018 the institution divided into a professional independent English-speaking theatre ProEnglish Theatre and acting educational centre ProEnglish Drama School. So, the history of the theatre dates back to January 20, 2018, when the play “Cripples of Inishmaan” (originally Drama School performance) was performed with professional actors.

After 2018

proENglish theatre

proENglish Drama school

our team

Alex Borovenskiy

ProEnglish Theatre founder, WEST founder, theatre director, acting coach

Anabell Ramires

CEO of ProEnglish Drama school, theatre director, actress, acting coach

alina zievakova

acting coach, rAW creator, actress

Kateryna Hordiienko

Movement Coach, Kids Coach, Actress

Jasmina Sotelo

Movement Coach, Teens Coach actress

veronika streltsova

west president, english coach, actress

tania shelepko

acting coach, Theatre director

vitalii gavura

Theatre director, playwright

liza onyshchuk

sMM manager

olena stavrova


daniil prymachov

actor, cameraman

oleksii Afanasiev

Pianist, Actor

valerie leif

vocal and accent coach

slava krasovska




Ilya Moyseenko


Alex Pidopryhora


Elina-Alem Ken


Andrii Kasianov


Volodymyr Zubkov


Anton Dmytruk

Photographer and videographer

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DAN Vynohradov

Dan graduated from Kyiv University of Culture, he is a theatre and film actor. While studying at the university, Dan acted in TV series and commercials. Since January 2022, acts at ProEnglish Theatre. Dan is a brave and ambitious actor, never afraid of tough roles. Played a gay soldier in “Love at times” and several various characters in “War. Texts. Ukraine.” project – stage readings of modern Ukrainian plays in English. His biggest part so far is HE, main character from “Naïve Experiments” directed by Alex Borovenskiy. Charismatic and vulnerable HE wins the hearts of the audience with the first appearance on stage.