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Thank you!

Due to most generous support of our friends from The Asylum Theatre of Las Vegas and Sarah O’Connell herself ProEnglish Theatre has received sufficient funds to close the fundraiser and purchase a power station. We’re getting it this week!

There will be the Light

Lots of love and lots of gratitude to The Asylum Theatre and to evetybody who supported our fundraiser. People – you are BEAUTIFUL♥️

scenes course

Join our new Crime Scenes Course!

Scenes Course

  • Thu 18:00-21:00 Sat 14:00-17:00
  • 📍 ProEnglish Theatre Hub
    (Kyiv, 3 Family Brodskykh st., Shuliavska area)
    It is a safe underground space (!)
  • Price: 3200uah/8 sessions
  • Start of the Course: Dec 1
  • Scenes course is 2 month duration.
  • 16 sessions (with holidays break)
  • End of the Course: 04 Feb
  • Session №8 – mini performance
  • Session №16 – full Scenes course graduation show
  • pre-intermediate + level is required to start. The higher – the better
  • Full immersion into English during every session.

Scenes from “Breaking Bad”, “Peaky Blinders”, “Sicario” and other gangs on theatre stage

😎 Dangerous scenes in the safe space of theatre shelter!

Our goal is to give you the space of game and education, English-speaking environment and possibility to feel good


You’ll play your favourite characters from crime movies and series in English on stage. After having numerous acting trainings and fun, of course


Because to act is to breath, and to act in English is to breath fire!


Alex Borovenskiy is the founder of ProEnglish Theatre and ProEnglish Drama School, of PRO.ACT Fest and WEST. He is also the founder of numerous jokes and great plays!

Actor and director with 10+ years of experience with independent theatres (Маскамрад, Splash Theatre, 3S, Kyiv Players, ProEnglish Theatre, TUG). As an experienced TEFL teacher and acting coach Alex always says “English is my profession, Theatre is my passion”. He has taught English for more than 15 years working with corporate companies, groups of different levels and individual students.

Alex taught a lot of groups at ProEnglish Drama School: Group 0, Group1, Group 2, Group 3, Group 4, Group 15, Group 37, Group 48, Group 105 and 109, a lot! He also conducts acting and language workshops at different companies and individually. 

As a director Alex Borovenskiy staged over 100 monologues and dialogues, 4 performances of ProEnglish Drama School and 10 performances of ProEnglish Theatre.

We don’t know if Alex was hyperactive kid, but for sure he is the most hyperactive adult we know!

DAN Vynohradov

Dan graduated from Kyiv University of Culture, he is a theatre and film actor. While studying at the university, Dan acted in TV series and commercials. Since January 2022, acts at ProEnglish Theatre. Dan is a brave and ambitious actor, never afraid of tough roles. Played a gay soldier in “Love at times” and several various characters in “War. Texts. Ukraine.” project – stage readings of modern Ukrainian plays in English. His biggest part so far is HE, main character from “Naïve Experiments” directed by Alex Borovenskiy. Charismatic and vulnerable HE wins the hearts of the audience with the first appearance on stage.